Powder Room Materials

I am REALLY excited about the powder room. In an effort to be cheap, I decided early on to go with a wall-mounted sink. Then I found a rather expensive sink (the Duravit Vero). Along the way, I learned you have to also buy supply lines and make sure your trap and drain match your faucet finish (polished nickel, which is inexplicably so much more expensive than brushed). The trap and supply lines are normally hidden under a vanity. When they're visible, they need to be pretty.

I paired the Vero with what ended up being the most expensive faucet in our house. It might cost close to all the other faucets combined. But it's a wall mount, and even though we're not putting the hardware in the wall like you normally do with a wall-mounted sink (it goes inside the back of the sink with the Vero), this is still the least-accessible faucet. Meaning, any other faucet goes wonky, and I can change it myself. The wall mount starts leaking, and I have to call a plumber. So we're putting in a quality faucet.

Here's the vibe...

Sink: Duravit Vero (not with the faucet that's currently installed)
Faucet: Kohler Purist, polished nickel with cross handles
Sconces: Hinkley Lighting Collier in heritage brass. I'm probably either going to frost or paint the sconce shades. I don't like exposed bulbs. They're beautiful in an image, but we don't really like the glare IRL. Nothing like the eye being drawn somewhere then punished by seeing stars for 30 seconds.
Mirror: TBD, but I keep finding myself incredibly drawn to these rounded rectangle mirrors. I don't want to put them in both this room and our master bath, though, so I'm thinking I'll do something else in here. Just not sure what yet. That one from Rejuvenation is really beautiful, though, and it's on sale for the low, low price of $343. What a bargain. I have a plan for a
TP holder (with phone holder...because it's 2019 and nobody goes to the bathroom without their phones...): something decent-looking from Amazon. Pardon my terrible Photo-chop job.
Paint: batting around a charcoal gray, possibly with just the faintest hint of purple. TBD. Just an idea right now. Also considering some kind of wall treatment down the road, wainscot or shiplap or something.
Floor: since this is right off the mudroom, we're using the same LVP as the rest of the downstairs. Probably another post on that at some point. The color is slightly less warm than this picture indicates.

One other thing I think I'll have to shop for: a wall-mounted soap dispenser. (That phrasing makes me think of a public restroom, which is not really the direction I'm thinking. There must be pretty ones out there, right?) The sink, despite being a little over 23" wide, doesn't really have a spot to rest a soap bottle. I'll figure this out once everything else is finished.

This little bathroom might also get a freestanding cabinet of some kind next to the sink. Originally, I'd wanted this cabinet from Ikea, but it ended up being too big with the sink. So my plan B is to wait until we're moved in and figure it out then.

MALSJÃРGlass-door cabinet IKEA The glass shelves are adjustable so you can customize your storage as needed.