Floor and Other Updates

Some fun progress this week, about 2/3 of the downstairs has a floor!
They made it though the kitchen and family room, powder room, laundry room, mudroom and about halfway down the entry hall toward the front door. I also got to turn the lights on in the laundry room, which was more fun than you'd think. This is the first time I've really seen this room, because it's an interior space with no natural light. Pre-lights, it was a cave.
Love how it looks with the black (which, btw, I am so happy with. It's as light as it could be while still being black, so it has a soft impression but still black. Hopefully I like living with it as much as I like looking at it.)
One more...
Think Baxter's dog palace (the cut-out in the island above) is big enough? Ha.
So, here's the fun part: this is fake wood. GASP. It's TuffCore LVP in 1366, which is either oak or hickory (the website isn't clear). We decided on LVP after much discussion and soul-searching (seriously...) It was partially motivated by budget, but more so by the fact that dogs have dino-claws and do Fred Flintstone impressions on slippery surfaces.

I've had the opportunity to observe the outcome of dino-claws+wood floor, and it would have made me into even more of a neurotic control-freak to spend $10-12/ft on wood (just the material, not counting install) only to observe it get scratched to crap in a matter of weeks.

My inner realist won out over the purist after we ordered a box of it so we could see what it really looked like, since those dinky samples at the flooring store are rather unhelpful. It is good. It's a matte finish with the texture lightly embossed on the grain. Everyone who's looked at it so far has been shocked to hear it's not actually wood. Different life, different priorities, I 100% would have gone with a wide plank French oak with a medium brown stain on it, but here we are. I think with furniture and area rugs, it's going to be even better than it is now, and it's already pretty fantastic.

Takeaway: don't let your principals get in the way of what's practical. At least in terms of decorating. Maybe don't apply that everywhere in life.

Other fun stuff that's happening:
  • Master bathroom subway tile: white, with white epoxy grout. There was a whole thing involving the window and the shower glass, which I'll go into more on a separate post about the master bathroom. 
  • Master bath floors: heated (the only option IMO for ground-floor tile/stone. Just too damn cold otherwise). Slate-look tile. 
  • Siding! Should be done with that this week. It got suuuuuper slow because our contractor had to change crews and everything stopped, but we're back on track now. 
  • Concrete: back grill patio off the kitchen door, small pads outside my shop doors and the garage door, driveway, sidewalk. 
Last week:
  • Counters were templated
  • Floors started (obv)
  • Siding
  • Front porch and walk were poured
  • Switches and outlets installed (some of which need to be replaced...these horrible twisty fan timers, such as one might seeI imagineat a Motel 6 circa 1995, were installed in several places, and that won't work at all. What with our vibe having nothing to do with a bottom-end motel from 20 years ago. Ten million facepalms to the electrician who decided to do this.)
  • Fireplace stone ordered
  • Cabinet hardware picked for kitchen and upstairs bathroom
  • More time invested in finalizing light fixtures, a few of which continue to elude me
Ok, lastly... I made this little mockup to see what our fireplace would look like. This would have been better if I had a picture with the floor in, but...oh well. I really hope the stone looks like the pictures!


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    1. I love it. It will scratch, like if you don't have felt pads on sharp furniture legs, but even the scratches just gouge the surface a little and you can rub away what comes up with your sock. It still looks brand new. No fading, no traces of dog nail scratches, nothing. The only thing I would say is to be picky with your installer and make sure they watch for repeats. I had our guys redo several sections because they put the same piece a few times in a row. It's not very obvious end-to-end, but there's a run where they put 7 of the same piece across the kitchen and family room. I sometimes wonder if they did it to spite me, lol. I'd do this floor again in a heartbeat!

    2. Also, sorry, I didn't mean to delete your comment! I don't think I can undo it though :/ oops!!


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