Counters, master closet and the news for 10.8

Last week, the counters were installed. (Also those doors for the kitchen utility closet, below, left.) We went with Pental quartz in Avenza. I would have preferred honed, but it was either polished in the pattern I preferred or honed in my second choice because of the price difference, so I picked polished. It looks awesome.   

When we talk about things we're most excited about for this house, the single-basin undermount sink is always on the list. We hate the sink in the house we've been renting (1.5 basin cast iron's the worst) and we're so looking forward to having this bathtub of a sink again. (We put the same one in our kitchen at the last house.)

Let's run upstairs for a moment, shall we? (I crack myself up...)
Upstairs bathroom: flint is in and it looks really beautiful. I think of all our counters, this is my favorite. The finish is sort of sueded and the stone has interesting movement. Right now the lightbulbs in the can lights are kind of pink and very dim, so once I swap out bulbs it'll be easier to see. Meantime...
I also asked that they cut a piece of the counter to fit on the shelf behind the tub, to help tie the materials together. This shower will be subway tile, too.
You can kind of see the movement in the stone in this picture. So pretty!
 Moving outside, this is the patio. I need to nail down the ceiling stain color, but leaning toward a neutral lighter stain.
Next up: master bathroom shower. Tile is coming along beautifully. We did 3x6" white subway tile with the skinniest grout lines possible. Grout isn't in yet but it will be white, and it will be sealed on a regular schedule like my life depends on it. 
And the floor is close to done. This is a slate-ish looking porcelain tile. I would have liked something a little more interesting, but the price was right and I knew this was a safe choice (since I'm basically repurposing my design from the upstairs bathroom at Hillcrest). We heated the floor in here, too. That's what the orange underlayment and lines are.
Vanity top is a quartz remnant. It's got a little gray in it, but it's really pretty boring. The light fixtures in here will be more of a focal point, and the faucets are matte black, so they'll add contrast.
Ok, lastly, the master closet. Todd said this morning he thinks making this closet so small is one of the only dumb things we did in designing this house. Little does he know I'm going to write a post about all the missteps and things I learned along the way, and it does not boil down to this one thing. I actually think our closet is pretty great, if somewhat smaller than ideal, and definitely not very functional for a person of, ahem, somewhat more generous proportions than either of us.

The door on the right goes into our bathroom. If you're standing in the doorway and look right, you see this, which is Todd's side. I'll either install drawer glides on those lower shelves or put in bins. TBD. The bottom section is 3' tall, so that's for hanging stuff.
From the other direction, you see my side. The little dresser will have drawers added and slide-out trays on the top shelves. I have about 2x the space that Todd does, but in the same rod-below, shelves-above configuration. You can't see it, but on the far end to the right of that roller thing leaned on the wall, we have a small section for tall hanging things (of which we have very few). Suits, dresses, etc.
 The last part is this...hole...that's under the stairs. It's a little hard to tell, but it's actually pretty big, something like 3x6'. We're not sure how we want to use it yet, so we didn't have any shelves built in. Figured I'd add those later if needed.
So, yeah, it's not a big closet. It's...efficient. There's a 24"-wide gap between my shelving and little dresser, which is definitely more snug than optimal, but I think it will work for me. I guess if I eat too many scones and can't fit into the closet anymore, then I might have a problem, but for now, I'm really excited about it.

As of today:
  • Siding is done and being caulked
  • Concrete is all poured (driveway, sidewalk, steps, bbq patio, etc.)
  • Stairs treads and risers are down
  • "Wood" floors are in (carpet on 10/24 and tile is in progress) 
  • Cabinet hardware for everywhere except master bath has been ordered
Rest of this week:
  • I'm ordering plumbing fixtures Thursday
  • Exterior paint starts
  • Appliances will be installed
  • Stair railings will go in
  • I hopefully can figure out the garage door snafu