What's new, 11.5

So, not surprisingly, there's a lot going on these days at the house. (There darn well better be, because we're supposed to be moving in next Friday, which I predict is not happening based on the current state of things.) I don't really have much of a blog post in me, but I do have a bunch of pictures, so here's those...

Exterior light fixutres went up today
Todd's office, basically looks the same as mine. Now with light fixture.
Master shower. The showerhead is kind of puny; I'll probably want to swap it out at some point. Shower glass was installed today. I didn't get a picture because the guys were working on it, and that felt creepy.
Master bathroom with faucets
Good news: doors installed. Bad news: wrong hardware. They put in lever handles, which I loathe, because I always hook myself when I walk by. Changing those out to knobs soon. Matte black stays, and I love it.

Backsplash, tiled. Check.

Necessary. Also, note the skirted base. Much easier for Todd to clean.

Upstairs bathroom zoomed out.

Upstairs shower. Trim: Moen, Moentrol Align in brushed gold.

Upstairs bathroom faucet. Cheap-o risky one from Amazon, fingers crossed it doesn't burn me. The finish is gorgeous, perfect match for the Moen gold.
The cardboard door cover was down today. Finally got to see what that 3/4 light door looked like. Two thumbs up.
So that's that :)