Hi, Merry Christmas :)

So, been a little while, hmm? We've been home for about a month now. And it did feel like home immediately, even though we camped in front of the island for the first two nights because we didn't have curtains in our street-facing master bedroom.
I arranged all 20 of the glass globes on the island fixture last week. It was the most stressful 90 minutes of my entire life.
Multiple iterations of black paid off. It is the perfect shade and sheen. 
Last week, we got the hardware on the vanity upstairs. I hung the mirror shortly after we moved in. It's still the only mirror that's been hung :/ I'm going to do a ceiling-mounted shower curtain, partially because it looks cool and partially because of where the tile ends.
Lastly, I did a little project last weekend. I put 1x3s into the studs, and then put hooks in those to hang all the crap that was lying all over the floor. By the time I took this picture, I'd already hung half of what was on the floor (two full-length coats, several backpacks and some scarves) and it was looking a good deal better than it was before I started.
And after, ahhhhhh. 
Plenty of space for the vacuums, backpacks and bags, miscellaneous outdoor equipment and obviously, our massive collection of jackets. Shoemakers...have a lot of coats. More coming soon, as we continue to settle in.