Upstairs Bathroom Gets Sconces

I couldn't make up my mind what light fixture to put in the upstairs bathroom when they were finishing construction last year, so I told them to put the wiring in the wall and I'd figure it out later. Then when May rolled around and we decided to finish the upstairs, I realized I had to make a decision about the bathroom lights (it has recessed lights already, so it was a bit dim but not totally dark). At that point, I'd pretty well decided on sconces. A 7' vanity is pretty long, and it felt kind of empty with just the mirror.
pottery barn atticus sconce and umbra hub mirror
Please ignore the guest room mattress as seen in the mirror. It was temporarily stashed in the bathroom while the carpet was cleaned upstairs.

These are the Pottery Barn Atticus sconces. I mostly like them. They're a little bigger than I wanted them to be, but after months of waffling and considering, it got down to the wire where the electrician was asking where to put the boxes and I had to make a bit more of a hurried choice than I would have liked.

The darker finish was also backordered until October, so I ordered brass and sprayed them with my favorite matte black spray paint. That should have been a super smooth process, but somehow I got bubbles in the finish of one of them, and it turned into a bit of a nightmare getting that remedied. Anyway, they're pretty good, and I really love having this done.
Pottery Barn Atticus Sconce
These are on dimmers! Bathroom lights on dimmers are my favorite. We use our master bathroom sconces on the dimmer every night.

This was also the first electrical job where I didn't go turn off the power at the breaker before installing the fixtures. So risky, I know. The switch was off, and I used our little "see if the wire is hot" meter to confirm there was no juice. Obviously you should probably turn off the power at the box before you install a light fixture, but I had no way of knowing whether it was off without checking whether the wires were live anyway, because there was no light in place to see if it turned off.